16.8 v锂电池电钻

  • 16.8 v锂电池电钻
  • 16.8 v锂电池电钻
  • 16.8 v锂电池电钻
  • 16.8 v锂电池电钻
  • 16.8 v锂电池电钻

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16.8 v锂电池电钻
Charger rating:110V~240V
Input voltage:50/60HZ
LED illumination:yes
Torque gear:18+1
Current speed: no-load current value (2.5A±10%), no-load speed value: (low gear 0-400r/min±10%, high gear 0-1350r/min±10%)
Acoustic vibration frequency: vibration≤1.67m/s2, noise≤84dB(A), all performances are good; (hand feeling, hearing)
Torque: 1~18 gears = 0.8~4.5N.M Low-end MAX maximum torque>24N.M High-end MAX maximum torque>16N.M

1:The casing is made of PA6-GF30 brand new material, which is strong and resistant to fall.
2:The gear adopts high-strength powder metallurgy material, which has high precision, wear resistance, low noise and long service life.
3:The motor uses high-performance magnetic tiles, pure copper 180-200 degrees enameled wire, wear-resistant carbon brushes, and has the advantages of large torque, low working current, high working strength, and long service life.
4:The drill chuck adopts a plastic steel brand chuck with good concentricity and strong locking force, and the chuck shakes little.
5:The battery adopts a pure ternary 1500MA/10C power cell, and the battery capacity is more than 80% after 300 cycles of charge and discharge. The discharge rate is high, the product power is large, and the battery life is long.
6:The packaging is packed in a blow-molded box with good strength, which has better protection for the product and is resistant to falling.
7:The speed control switch adopts high-performance switches with silver-plated contacts, which can withstand high currents and stabilize speed. It is equipped with certified LED lighting lamps and the switch life is more than 50,000 times.
8:The protection board uses a brand new MOSS tube, BYD chip, with overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, temperature protection and other functions, stable performance.

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